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Did you know in 1998 the sensational latino boy band; ‘no mercy’ covered Boston’s 1976 hit love song; ‘More than a feeling’

Check out the sweet grid screen and bad x trip in the video

The more you know, xoxomo

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“Consensually So" by Eugenia Loli.
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Featured Curator of the Week : Archan Nair [archanN]

H. E. Figueroa is an Argentine Illustrator and Filmmaker interested in the mysticism and the mistery of the universe, the parallel worlds, and the knowledge from ancients cultures of the world.

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Quick “reblog”/reminder.

Print are available on society6, I’ll remove them at the end of september.


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coloured pencil




coloured pencil

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Nude Portraits series by photographer Trevor Christensen

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My arteries

bleed out in the direction of both virtue and vice. I stop to take account where all my energy has gone, I look around myself and see blood in every direction. My carotid propels my nightmares out my ears and the aorta bursts with lust and love flooding my esophagus. I choke out blood as my pulmonary bursts through my chest with regret of the more recent past. I feel the pressure building of strength and will in my arm, I clench the hand and flood my now scarlet fist. I look around and crush the femoral with lofty ambitions as my body succumbs to the ground.

How can I know where I have been or where I am going? Fuck, I no longer care, I am to abuse the resources as they abuse me. Drunk, I swim in sanguine fluid, absorbing vomit of the flesh singing to myself.

"La-dee-da tee-da, what will become of me? La-dee-da, nothing but what I am now."

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'Stage 3'
Ink on paper


'Stage 3'

Ink on paper


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I like egg yolk compositions 

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