New Study Suggests a Better Way to Deal with Bad Memories 


What’s one of your worst memories? How did it make you feel? According to psychologists, remembering the emotions felt during a negative personal experience, such as how sad you were or how embarrassed you felt, can lead to emotional distress, especially when you can’t stop thinking about it.



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pro tip

don’t throw glass in your driveway when you’re pissed. Only do it when you want flat tires.

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This is Liam when I get ready for work in the morning.

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#tbt to when I ran for homecoming queen as Princess Leia and won as Queen Amidala

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joints and baking cheesecake. getting ready for the empty tomb.

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Évolution inversée

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Romanticisation of Mental Illness, Kelsey Weaver

This really hit me hard jesus christ.

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oh she hittin that


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Pete Hawkins  was born in Panama in 1980. After a well-travelled upbringing in an artistic family, Pete “did the obvious thing” and studied business at university. Painting in his spare time as he pursued a career in advertising, Pete eventually decided to make the leap into a full-time artistic career and exiled himself near the Trafalgar lighthouse in Spain for inspiration.

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Anonymous asked: yo used to look good with hair and when you didnt cry about being sick all the time


Ow my feeling

FUCK OFF ANON. It is so sad how you leech off of people living their own lives. I would like to perform an autospy on you to analyze the degenerative shit you are made of. Maybe then I could develop an antidote to the poison you excrete into the world.

This person you disrespect is MY BEST FRIEND and one the most intelligent, brilliant and enlightening people I know. Unlike you she is strong, grounded in self knowledge and she doesn’t hide herself from this cruel world.

Mess with her you mess with me. Just try and come at me, bro

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Apparently getting promoted means attending grueling meetings on the regular. Cost of Quality now include bathroom selfies

Apparently getting promoted means attending grueling meetings on the regular. Cost of Quality now include bathroom selfies

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